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About Me

I am a business manager turned UX designer, with a degree in psychology and a mind for human behavior. I have completed a 400+ hour User Experience Certification Program with CareerFoundry and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Human Factors and Ergonomics from San Jose State University. Over the years I have demonstrated my ability to lead teams and run a successful business.  I have a wealth of experience analyzing problems and developing creative solutions to overcome them. In the UX world, these skills allow me to create strong relationships with my stakeholders and my team. My unique background makes me a successful UX designer and researcher because it combines a strong understanding of business goals and requirements, balanced with a passion for using research and analysis backed solutions to achieve success. It is my goal to apply these skills to drive business by creating an enriching user experience.


How I got started in user experience

Following my graduation from California State University, Sacramento, I completed the Enterprise Rent- A-Car business management training program and was employed as a manager for two years. While there, I was involved in the launch of a tablet-based rental car software and discovered my passion for user experience design. I became fascinated with understanding how improving business systems through research and testing could increase productivity and enrich people’s lives. I determined to pursue advanced education that would support my goal of a career focused on user experience design, usability, or human-computer interaction.

Since then, I have completed a 400+ hour user experience certification program with CareerFoundry and am currently pursuing a masters with a concentration in human-computer Interaction. 

Things that interest me

Health and Fitness
Hiking and Travel

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