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“My Inspiration. My Artists. MyInk.”

The Challenge


The tattoo industry is worth an estimated 3 billion and growing, and with social norms and workplace policies relaxing it will only continue to grow. However, the current process of getting a tattoo, from inspiration to completion, is outdated and lacks the convenience of the digital age.

Problem Statement:

Tattoo seekers need a platform that will help them inspire and communicate their tattoo ideas, as well as a way of finding the right artist for their work. 

The Solution

By providing large galleries and curated feeds, and streamlining the process of finding, communicating and booking appointments with artists, MyInk will alleviate pain points in the tattoo industry.


MyInk is a web and mobile application that targets inexperienced tattoo seekers and veterans, alike. MyInks goal is to create a platform where tattoo seekers and artists can interact in a convenient and effective way, increasing both trust and security. MyInks goal is to improve the tattoo process and increase the satisfaction of tattoo seekers while helping to drive business for artists. 

My Role

Ux designer tasked with end to end product design, from User Research to High-Fidelity Mockups and Prototype. 

I was responsible for:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Business Requirements 

  • User Interviews/Surveys

  • Personas

  • Journey Maps

  • User Flows

  • Card Sorting

  • Sitemaps

  • Wireframing

  • High Fidelity Clickable Prototyping 

  • Usability and Preference Testing​

graphic_3screens_large PDF_edited.jpg

Understanding my users

Competitive Analysis - User Research - Personas


The first step was to understand who my users are and how I could best design for their needs. I conducted a detailed competitive analysis of businesses operating in the same space and created a business requirements document. I got to know who my users were through surveys and in-person interviews. I synthesized my findings into two primary personas; Lindsey and Jeff.

Ideation Phase: laying the groundwork

User Journeys - User Flows- Card Sorting - Site Mapping - Rapid Prototyping


This stage involved delving deep into the mind of my users to understand the process they would go through and how they would feel along the way. I conducted card sorts to understand what associations my users have with different elements which laid the foundations for my site map and rapid prototyping. 

Prototyping and User Testing

High-Fidelity Wireframes- InVision Prototype- Usability Testing and Analysis


After several iterations and "down the hall" usability testing, a High-Fidelity prototype was created using InVision. I conducted usability testing with a total of 6 participants. I reviewed recordings and used Affinity Mapping/a Rainbow Spreadsheet to quantify and make sense of usability tests. I prioritized errors and provided recommendations for the next iteration. 

High Fidelity mockups


Product Demonstration video

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